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We work with traditional methods, and focuses mainly on medium-high quality and on the freshness of products without preservatives and additives. The products range from salty to sweet using quality raw materials to offer products that bring back flavors and aromas of old times.

Our company was born in 1996, when the sisters Clemy, Rosy and Sabina Fortunato took over an old bakery in the seaside area of ​​Torre San Gennaro (Torchiarolo) in Salento. The company began to work in the field of bakery revaluing typical products and resuming the recipes of our grandmothers’ once again reviving flavors and aromas that with the passing of the years had faded.

The thirty years experience in the field of flours of Antonio, father of the Fortunato sisters allowed to experiment various mixtures until the discovery of the optimal recipe for each single product. Angelo’s mastery, responsible for the processing department, has transformed the recipes into high quality finished products.

After years of hard work, the company has built a factory in the industrial area of ​​san donaci (Brindisi), a small town of residence of Fortunato sisters, for the production and marketing of long-life products such as tarallini, frize, biscuits, dry pastries on all the national territory and also abroad while continuing in parallel the processing in the field of bread making for daily consumption.